Experience the dynamics of fluids
Experience the dynamics of fluids
The theme is "Fluid"
A fluid physics simulation game that seemed unlikely to exist.
Welcome to the world of fluid enjoyment in the game.
Easy to control
You can operate intuitively because it is a physical simulation game.
The ultimate convenience of a free web app that does not require downloading.
Simple law,
Complex behavior.
Everything is particles.
Only one governing equation.
The underlying law is simple, but the behavior is surprisingly complex.

Fluidix-powered Apps

Tsunami Tactics

Draw Your Defense, Deter the Tsunami!
Tsunami dynamics woven by Fluidix, a fluid simulation engine.

Game Browser Strategy Fluidix

SeaSway Stacker

Stack 'em up, See 'em Sway.
Innovative balancing game using buoyancy based on fluid simulation.

Game Browser Puzzle Fluidix

Magma Maestro

Conduct the flow of magma with ice bombs, you are the Magma Maestro!
A simulation game of highly viscous fluid.

Game Browser Strategy Fluidix

Stream Spinner

Draw rainbow, spin waterwheels!
A beautiful puzzle game on the theme of stream and waterwheels.

Game Browser Puzzle Fluidix